Comments and Reviews

"An extraordinary advance in cognitive therapy. Engaging, entertaining, instructive, and clearly useful to patients. A cost-saving method that deserves both acclaim and widespread use." 

A. John Rush M.D.
Betty Jo Hay Distinguished Chair
Department of Psychiatry
University of Texas Southwestern
Dallas, Texas

"It was fun. The most amazing of all was the first I recognized these automatic thoughts. I was shocked because I'd always had these thoughts, but they all of a sudden came alive to me! I thought, 'Wow, this stuff works!!'" 

A User 
"The most exciting innovation in the treatment of affective disorders since the original testing and development of cognitive therapy. Good Days Ahead is a giant leap forward, promising exponential growth in the effective application of cognitive therapy. The interactive program is unique in the way that it combines vivid illustrations of key points followed by discussion and exercises that allow the user to apply those points right away. Good Days Ahead takes the user beyond just learning about cognitive therapy to really learning how to productively use it. The first rate quality sets the standard for excellence in a phenomenal breakthrough for cost-effective mental health care." 

Denise Davis, Ph.D.
Nashville, TN

"From a patient's perspective, Good Days Ahead provides the user with a unique and innovative tool with which to practice hands-on applications of Cognitive Therapy. Over the years I have read various self-help books and I am a member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Often I have felt as if I were on the outside looking in on the described treatment. Cognitive Therapy appeared to be a useful technique, but I did not feel like I was getting any type of interactive handle with which to deal with my own anxiety. On the other hand, Good Days Ahead puts the user into situations where distorted thoughts occur, and gives the person the chance for direct practice drills." 

A User

"Doctors Jesse Wright and Andrew S. Wright have developed a creative and innovative program that is on the cutting edge of computer technology and have applied it to a treatment model that is on the cutting edge of psychotherapy. This program represents a giant step forward in the technology of change." 

Arthur Freeman, Ed.D., ABFP
Diplomate in Clinical and Behavioral Psychology
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

"The program has an outstanding user interface that is attractive and 'user-friendly.' I highly recommend it to mental health professionals for use with their patients." 

Steven Hyler, M.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Web Editorial Board of the New York State Psychiatric Institute

"Working with Good Days Ahead has been a very positive learning experience. Thanks to the program, now I'm able to analyze negative thoughts and deal with them more effectively. By moving easily through the software, I found what I consider to be priceless information. The concepts are well-explained and the narrator makes it easy to grasp by thoughtfully explaining the material. I highly recommend this program to anyone who's suffering from depression, anxiety, or interested in improving their mind. Good Days Ahead gives you the tools you need to become a happier, more balanced person."

A User