MindStreet was formed by a diverse group of individuals united by a common goal to make high quality behavioral health services more accessible to more people.

The clinical underpinnings of MindStreet’s solutions were born in the work of co-founder Dr. Jesse H. Wright, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Louisville.  Dr. Wright, a published expert on cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), also conducted much of the ground-breaking research on computer-assisted CBT, or c-CBT. Along with Dr. Aaron T. Beck, widely considered the father of cognitive therapy, and Dr. Andrew Wright, expert on the application of technology to medicine, Dr. Jesse Wright co-authored the original version of Good Days Ahead (GDA), a multimedia program for teaching CBT skills to individuals.  The findings from their research on the acceptance and efficacy of GDA laid the groundwork for the the solutions now offered by MindStreet.

In parallel with MindStreet’s ongoing product and market development, Dr. Wright continues in his role as a Professor at the University of Louisville and, in addition to teaching, clinical work and lecturing world-wide, performs NIH-funded research on computer-assisted therapy using MindStreet’s online versions of Good Days Ahead.