Insurers are looking for solutions to the myriad of challenges that they are faced with in today’s market.  In addition to regulatory requirements, changing payment models and a shift towards population management, they face significant market challenges from their competitors in a market known for low profit margins.  In response to these market changes, insurers are looking for ways to improve the quality of service and outcomes that they provide, decrease costs, retool their operations to support population health and differentiate themselves in the markets they serve to better attract members.

Successful population health requires a holistic approach to each member, whether an individual struggling with a chronic disease or someone trying to reach their next stage of wellness. Providing an integrated approach to behavioral and physical health across the spectrum of care is essential to success.  Mindstreet’s solutions scalably and cost-effectively address the behavioral health issues that cause and contribute to chronic disease and, ultimately, increase the total cost of care.

Using Mindstreet’s solutions, insurers can differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase their member satisfaction.  Mindstreet’s evidence-based, HIPAA-compliant products have consistently demonstrated the same results with half the clinician resources of traditional talk therapy.  The program’s intuitive and elegant user interface can be accessed anytime and anywhere, allowing members to have a personalized learning experience at their convenience.

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