Military and Veterans

Our nation’s service members, veterans and their families face significant strain from the sacrifices they make to serve our country. To help them through these times, MindStreet’s online behavioral health solutions can be of service in both clinical and self-help settings.

When used in behavioral health settings, MindStreet’s solutions can enable clinicians to provide care to more individuals by offering new learning formats and communication mechanisms for clinicians and individuals.  In addition, MindStreet’s content structure ensures consistent, evidence-based techniques will be delivered to all those who access the program.

Beyond traditional behavioral health settings, Good Days Ahead (GDA) can integrate into other health environments where behavioral health issues occur.  Offering GDA in primary care settings can provide a first step where individuals often first discuss their needs.  As a part of chronic disease management programs, GDA can encourage better self-management skills so that individuals can minimize the impact of anxiety and depression on their ability to manage their physical ailments.

For service members and clinicians who are frequently on the move, the online capabilities can easily support continuity of care across locations and clinician changes. Ultimately, MindStreet’s solutions can help extend the reach of clinicians and provide better access to individuals seeking care.

In 2011, MindStreet signed a contract with the U.S. Army to provide Good Days Ahead at their facilities around the world.  If you are a clinician working at an Army facility and are interested in learning more about how GDA can complement your care, please contact us for more information.



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