Mindstreet’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.  The benefits of digital behavioral health services include:

Continuity of Care

The individual can access the program anywhere there is an internet connection, even as they move through different care settings.  Clinicians can be assigned to individuals as appropriate when their needs and location may change.

Clinician Efficiency

Published clinical evidence shows that clinician time can be reduced by 50% when using Good Days Ahead in a clinical setting while achieving the same reduction in depression symptoms.  Our programs are designed to help clinicians help more people.


Significant percentages of individuals who suffer from behavioral health issues do not receive care, potentially putting them at risk for more serious behavioral and physical illness, in addition to negatively impacting their quality of life.  Access issues, including cost, logistics, and stigma, all play a part.  Providing behavioral health services through web and mobile devices  puts easy, private access in the hands of those who need it when they need it.

While the general benefits of evidence-based, cost-effective, and scalable behavioral health solutions are clear, the specific usage can vary by healthcare entity. Select your organization type below to learn more.