Good Days Ahead

Flagship Module: Good Days Ahead

Good Days Ahead (GDA) is Mindstreet’s learning module for those managing stress, anxiety and depression.  Based on scientifically proven, evidence-based techniques, GDA assists organizations and individuals with achieving optimal wellness and productivity.

The underlying Mindstreet platform generates customized learning experiences in the GDA module for each individual user with content including videos, text, quizzes and interactive exercises.

Good Days Ahead can be used either in conjunction with traditional talk therapy (the Clinical Service) or offered as a self-help tool to individuals (the Wellness Service).


Program Content

The user’s experience of the Mindstreet platform is organized into three sections: Learn, Practice, and Progress. Each section is designed to enhance the user’s understanding and application of key concepts.

The program’s content follows the teachings of the basic principles of CBT. Each of the nine lessons imparts important concepts, including Basic Principles, Changing Automatic Thoughts, Taking Action, and Putting It All Together. These lessons are supported by interactive exercises, including Thought Change Records, Activity Schedules, and Coping Cards.

GDA employs a learning process that places the user into three key roles: student, helper, and self-helper. The user first learns the key concepts; then applies them to the program’s main character, who suffers from depression; and then applies those techniques to their personal challenges.

Clinician Features

Clinicians can be given various levels of access to each user by program administrators. For users for whom they have access, clinicians can track that user’s progress through the system and follow the user’s emotion ratings.  Clinician assignments to end users can also be changed as appropriate.

Product Demonstration Video

Please view the video below for a brief overview of the functionality of Good Days Ahead.