Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions

Mindstreet’s new complementary mobile applications, available for both iOS and Android platforms, extends the reach of its solutions to wherever people need them most.

Our mobile application, ReThink, offers an easy way for users to record both positive and negative thoughts on the go.  Frequently, waiting to capture thoughts when back at a computer can result in lost or changed recordings of those thoughts, reducing the initial fidelity and meaning of the thought.  ReThink lets individuals store the thought in real-time, illustrate the thought with a photo, and save it for future reflection on the web application.  In addition, the mobile application enables users to review previously recorded thoughts and emotions – whether recorded on the mobile application or the web application.

ReThink is currently available for users of the web application, Good Days Ahead.

Tablet Capability

Mindstreet’s modules have designed with modern technologies that make them fundamentally compatible with tablet platforms like the iPad.  Users of these devices can access our full web applications without loss of fidelity, including use of the program’s videos, which automatically convert to an appropriate format for the platform being used.