Platform & Analytics

Mindstreet’s e-learning modules are supported by a technology platform that both ensures a data-driven approach and accelerates new development.

The Mindstreet Cognitive Graph

Mindstreet’s online interfaces for individuals and clinicians are driven by the underlying content collections and end user data storage.  As individuals use the system, their data is stored in the cognitive graph, enabling ongoing analysis and customization.  The data from the system use is fed back into the graph, providing new insights on each program component.

Underlying Program Architecture

The key components of Mindstreet’s architecture ensure the safety and security of all data as well as the rapid development of future content modules.  In addition, the modular architecture ensures new features, like mobile apps, can be easily applied to every content module.



Data-Driven Behavioral Health

Mindstreet’s platform enables powerful analytics to be captured, analyzed and presented to administrators, analysts, researchers and clinicians. As end users move through through the programs, the platform records both implicit and explicit data on their experience of the content and recordings in the interactive exercises. The program also captures clinician use as it impacts end user results. This data can be securely accessed in an aggregated, anonymized manner by administrators for population analysis or on an individual basis by assigned clinicians. Mindstreet also offers customized dashboards for organizations looking to track specific activities and outcomes.

For more information on Mindstreet’s solutions and how they might benefit your organization, please contact us.